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How to become a member

Please confirm the term of service before you proceed to registration.

1.Open a Facebook account if you don’t have one already.

You can open a Facebook account here:

2.Click the link below and open a PayPal account     

 if you don’t have one already (if you have one already, see 3.)


3. Click the PayPal link and make a 6,300JPY-monthly fee subscription for automatic monthly payment.

4.Click on the link below and apply to join the Facebook Group “Shinobue Online School Lion-kai.”

Answer the questions that appear.

5. Welcome to the school and to the shinobue community!


You will receive a welcome message not later than 2 business days after your application to the Facebook group. Let’s play!

Term of Service
(This is an abbreviated version. In case of ambiguity in interpretation, the Japanese text is determining. A full version will be updated very soon. We apologize for the inconvinience. )

Payments must be made through PayPal in the way described under “How to register.” No other payment methods are possible. The whole monthly fee must be paid even if you join in the middle of the month. The payment contract continues automatically unless the user (member) cancels the automatic monthly payment contract through Paypal herself or himself. Automatic renewal of the contract takes place every month on the day of the month the member made the first payment to the school. For example: The first payment was made on May 10. The next payment will take place on June 10. If the day of joining was a 31st, then the payment in a month without a 31st will take place on the 1st of that month. If the payment does not go through smoothly because of credit card trouble, the school will contact you within 3 days. If the monthly payment of a member is not made and if a member cannot be contacted, the membership will be cancelled by the school a week after the last payment was due. After cancellation, FB group membership and access and rights to the use of all materials will cease.

Monthly payments that have already been paid will not be reimbursed for whatever reason.


Cancellation: Members can cancel their contract at any time. Go to your PayPal account and cancel the automatic monthly subscription before the “renewal day of the month” of your contract. Contact the school if you don’t know how to cancel. After you stop being a member, you won’t be able to use the school’s Facebook Group anymore, and you will lose access and rights to all contents provided. 


Temporary break: There is no option to temporarily take a break. If you intend to take a break from the online school for a while, please unsubscribe from the service yourself on PayPal, and then subscribe again when you are ready. If you rejoin during the same month of your monthly contract period, you will have to pay for the same month again.


Copyright of all materials provided by the school resides with the school or with third party legal copyright holders. Any use of the materials provided, including sharing, quoting, or selling, is strictly forbidden unless the school explicitly gives you special permission. Only current members of the school are entitled to view the provided materials. All materials provided may only be used for personal use and may not be shared or copied.

After a member has cancelled membership, the former member has no rights to materials anymore, even not regarding materials that they have already downloaded. Any legal problem that a former member may encounter when using such materials are the sole responsibility of that member and not the responsibility of the school.


Negotiations, conflicts and any contact among members of the school are the sole responsibility of the members concerned. The school is not responsible for inter-member contacts and their consequences.


Changes to services or regulations: The school is entitled to make changes to the content of the provided services or to stop services without contacting the members. The school can also make changes at any time to the contract and school regulations without contacting the members.

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